Las Vegas Home Inspections

Getting a Las Vegas home inspection can make all the difference when determining the true condition of your house. Whether you’re a seller listing your home, preparing it for repairs, a home buyer, or you’re just worried about keeping your house in pristine condition, having a home inspection is a good first step. Yet, no matter what your reason, finding the right company to do a home inspection can seem like a daunting challenge. We’re here to provide reliable and trustworthy Las Vegas home inspections to our customers.

Quality assurance

We always stand for doing our job fast and at the highest level as we understand people value their time and money.

Quality assurance

We always stand for doing our job fast and at the highest level as understand people value their time and money.

35 years of experience

We have worked in Las Vegas real estate for decades and understand the special needs of our desert homes.

35 years of experience

We have worked in Las Vegas real estate for decades and understand the special needs of our desert homes.

Save Money

Discover minor issues before they become costly disasters.

Save Money

Discover minor issues before they become costly disasters.

C.S.Las Vegas, NV
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Hands down, the best in the industry. Smart, honest, straight forward. GREAT work!
D.H.Las Vegas, NV
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Best of the best!
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Very detailed and informative. I can trust that the items he discovered truly need either repair or replacement. Steve is professional, timely and writes a great report.
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Steve was a superstar, patient, friendly and honest. I would definitely recommend to anyone that needs an inspection..
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Steve is amazing!! The fact that he actually took the time and became available in the late hours to speak with me to make sure I understood everything on that report was just amazing!! I highly recommend him !!!
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i would like to give kudos to Steve Wadkins, of Eagle One Home Inspections. He is very professional and thorough. He went through my home with a fine tooth comb. When the inspection was over, I felt like he captured every problem that needed to be fixed. Thank you Steve.
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He was great! Very thorough and went over everything with me
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Very good inspector! Very professional! Took his job seriously was very detailed in report and in person. Walked us through every step made sure we understood everything he inspected.
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Steve was excellent in his thoroughness of the inspection report, promptness of inspection visit and delivery of report, availability for the few clarifications that we had. In addition, Steve was courteous and friendly in his discussions with us.

We’re proud to be serving Las Vegas as home inspectors

In addition to inspections for property purchase, we also do inspections for:

Working for people

We don’t work for the lender, the builder, or the real estate agents. We work for you! That means providing the highest quality home inspection that is in your best interest.

Visual and Non-Invasive Inspection

We offer home inspections that do not violate a client’s expectation of privacy. Our Eagle Eye home inspectors are experienced and dedicated. They can easily inspect a house without rifling through your personal belongings or causing a mess. By doing an in-depth visual scan, we can find out everything we need to know for our report. That’s how we continue dutifully serving Las Vegas residents.

Our third-party house inspection services are regarded as some of the best in Southern Nevada. We will check all functional aspects (such as plumbing systems, heating & cooling, insulation, electrical, etc.) and all structural aspects (such as the attic, basement, foundation, roofing, drywall, etc.) of your house, giving you a full written evaluation upon completion. This will put your mind at ease while making sure your home is up to industry standards. A Las Vegas home inspector, if properly trained and thoroughly committed, will give homeowners a thorough understanding of the condition of their property. This is an essential part of any home purchase or sale.

Heating systems

Electrical capabilities

Building Structure

air conditioning system

General Interior and Exterior condition

Mold, termites, moisture, and other strcutural integrity issues

Things to Check Before Your Home Inspection Takes Place

You want to ensure all your bases are covered before your home is looked at. This will help keep your inspector safe and allow them to do their job properly. After all, our Eagle Eye Home Inspections are meant to be efficient. And safety is something we never compromise on. Some things to do beforehand:

  • General clean up to tidy the home
  • Putting away any pets that may cause a disturbance
  • Running your water to make sure there are no clogs
  • Check your light bulbs to make sure there aren’t underlying electrical issues
  • Replace your HVAC filters to make sure your air quality is up to standard
  • Cut any branches from trees that may threaten the structural integrity of your home or roof
  • Reaching out to our customer service representatives with any questions

The Importance of Home Inspection

Having an impartial third-party inspect your home is an important step when buying a home, selling a home, repairing your property, or renovating. Typically, the inspection will only take a few hours. After it’s completed, your inspector will begin work on your reports. This report will summarize the inspector’s findings, covering all important aspects of your home from top to bottom. The report will be sent to you (if possible, by email) the same day.

Without this unique view of your home, it can be difficult to gauge the condition of your property. Home inspectors are professionally trained to spot any problem areas and give an objective report on where your property stands. Without it, a potential buyer may have reservations regarding how much your property is truly worth.

A Las Vegas home inspection may also save you money compared to having a repair company perform their estimate on any potential damages. When it comes to our clients’ homes, there is no room for error. Let the professionals take care of your Las Vegas, Las Vegas Henderson, North Las Vegas, Pahrump, or Boulder City inspection while you worry about the next steps, no matter what they may be. You can find our contact information on our website. Shoot us an email or call us on the phone to learn more.


We offer Las Vegas home inspections services alongside competitors like Spectrum Las Vegas home inspectors and WIN Home Inspections. What sets us apart is our dedication to the craft, our honesty, and our upstanding customer service that will keep our clients coming back time and time again. That’s something WIN Home Inspections and Spectrum Las Vegas home inspectors just can’t compete with. Our team is proud to continue serving Las Vegas.

What People Think About Us


I got a warranty inspection and they found a problem with my electrical. Not only was I spared a VERY expensive repair, but maybe a fire too!

Debbie C.

Professional, courteous, and fast. I would recommend to anyone that needs a home inspection.

Manny J.

Had my office inspected before resigning my lease and the process was easy and fast. I am very happy with my inspection and will be getting another one before I sign again in two years.

Tom P.
Business Owner