Eagle Eye Home Inspections LLC is owned and operated by Steve Wadkins. Steve has built customers’ homes since 1992, and has been in the construction business since 1985. Steve uses his 35 years of experience to help homebuyers make well-informed investments. After being exposed to the home inspection industry, Steve saw a hole in the industry that he knew he was more than qualified to fill. His attention to detail, background in all building trades, and knowledge about all aspects of a home made him an excellent inspector from the beginning.


Along with his impressive amount of home inspection experience, Steve is set apart from the average home inspector by his background knowledge in all building trades and suppliers. A home inspector who truly understands how all systems work is better qualified to answer the questions that first-time buyers have, and Steve does just that. He was Born and Raised in Las Vegas and Grew Up around construction and helped his father, who owned a Ready Mix Concrete Company, from a young age.

He became so knowledgeable about homes that he was able to build few of his own homes from the ground up. Steve uses his skills wisely during his home inspections, knowing exactly where to look for hidden issues.


You are about to make a major decision and are seeking the help of a professional in making that decision. Our promise to you is this: We will do our very best to assist you by providing you with the information about your home or prospective home’s mechanical systems. We will assist you in understanding the findings and how they apply to your decision. We will maintain professionalism and perform our work for you with the utmost integrity. This is our promise to you.

What Separates Eagle Eye Home Inspections From all Inspectors

After the inspection, I will spend time and physically walk you through each area of concern throughout the home you are about to purchase that will be in my report. This will eliminate any and all concerns, when you receive my detailed report. You and your Realtor® will understand thoroughly what repairs were called out.

I also take you through the whole home inside and out to understand your home so you will be ready to move in.

I bring peace and understanding where other Inspectors bring fear and panic. Other Inspectors will never physically walk you through your home’s inspection at the end, with explanation or introduce you to your new home’s components throughout.

This is what separates me from all Inspectors.


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What People Think About Us


I got a warranty inspection and they found a problem with my electrical. Not only was I spared a VERY expensive repair, but maybe a fire too!

Debbie C.

Professional, courteous, and fast. I would recommend to anyone that needs a home inspection.

Manny J.

Had my office inspected before resigning my lease and the process was easy and fast. I am very happy with my inspection and will be getting another one before I sign again in two years.

Tom P.
Business Owner